Cam and China

Cam & China | Twins with an epic attitude

In an era where being ghosted is as much of a normality as brushing your teeth, Cam & China help remind us females that we are, indeed, the shit. That two can play that game. That we don’t give a damn.

Their truthful, unapologetic lyrics are the perfect anthem for strong, independent women that are not to be fooled around with. And that’s exactly why I love their music so much. The identical twins from Inglewood have been around for a minute, first entering the show business at just sixteen as part of the female rap group Pink Dollaz. Now the sisters teamed up as Cam & China, working with producers such as Sega, J.lbs, and, — my favorite — Seige Monstracity. Combine dope beats with a whole lot of fucks that are not given, and what you get is an EP that will immediately lift your spirit and self-confidence when you’re in a rut over some dumb ass dude.

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