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Bruno Major | Raw indie music that goes straight to your heart

Bruno Major is indeed doing major things. Like selling out shows in Echoplex and Zone One. Late August, the North London indie artist released the full edition of his project A Song For Every Moon – his most challenging and rewarding experience to date. The result is deeply touching, raw and emotional. The EP’s opening track, On Our Own, feels like you’re sitting next to Major, in an empty room with nothing but a piano, as the singer is vulnerably pouring out his heart to his audience of one.

The rest of the EP has that same meditative vibe to it. Major’s music allows you to calm down, sit in silence and just be. Taking in his carefully chosen words with your eyes closed, maybe even shedding a tear. Not a tear of sadness, but one of heartfelt gratitude that derives from a song that touches you straight in the heart. Like I experienced during the final track Wouldn’t Mean A Thing – a love serenade that would make every women’s heart melt a little. A song that reminded me of the type of man I will one day give my heart to.

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