Sign this Kid Bluesforthehorn


Based in: East London
Genre: R&B
Must-hear song: Insecurities

You’re of British and Somali descent, how did these cultures influence your sound?

Yes, I guess the most influence is probably my artist name BLUESFORTHEHORN – it was influenced by a song that K’naan wrote – bluesforthehorn. Yeah, he was famous for that song Waving Flag from the FIFA world cup 2010, I think.

Anyways – bluesforthehorn was my social media handles and then when I took this music thing more seriously a couple of years back, I decided that this would be my name. People already started knowing me for it so thought might as well keep it.

It’s pretty fitting too. Blues referring to the genre rhythm and blues, and the horn referring to the horn of Africa, aka Somalia.

How did you get into music?

Mannnnn, this is such an X-Factor question. You them ones when they say “When I could speak, I started singing. LOL.” This is gonna be that answer.

To be fair, I’ve always loved music, from early onwards. I would be in school productions in primary school and would be picked for the female lead, as well as just singing at home with my cousin with the remote. Singing to the classic 90s/early 2000s sounds. My first ever open mic act was at 10 or 11 years old. I didn’t tell anybody, none of my bredrins knew at Ladbroke Grove West London. It was rebel music. Never ever forget.

I don’t think there’s been a year that I haven’t performed. You will always see me with headphones too, wallahi. At work, in the kitchen, in the toilet (just kidding), on a night out. I need music. Music has been a beautiful part of my life. It keeps me sane.

What artists did you grow up performing karaoke to?

Karaoke? Haha … JoJo, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Tamia to name a few.

How did you feel when you first heard Insecurities play on BBC 1Xtra?

It’s actually a bit mad. My first single Summertime Fall was the first song that was played on BBC 1xtra. Shout out to Jamz Supernova!!!

I never knew how ‘big’ this was until my producer told me. Especially someone’s first official single doesn’t get radio play on such a mainstream, influential platform. I was so shocked. But so blessed. Alhamdulilah.

Your soulful sound has since then been picked up by more and more outlets. Imagine NYE 2020, what do you imagine to look back on?

Thank you! I get anxious thinking about the future. When people say: “So when your famous and bait, don’t forget me.” It’s not about the cloud, it’s about spreading my music. I want it to be heard. I don’t know where 2020 will take me but I’m excited about the ride. Let’s release more music first haha!

Your EP Finna Touch A Beach is in the making. What will it sound like? How many good tunes can we expect?

Finna Touch A Beach, it’s actually crazy, I wrote the EP last year in 2017. I broke my ankle on New Year’s Eve, had to get surgery, and in a cast for 6 weeks. HAHA. Let’s just say it changed my life. It made me appreciate my family even more and made me more patient.

During that time, I started writing non-stop. I have a dissertation worth of songs on my Mac. Every single song written, apart from Summertime fall, was written during that period.

I feel like I don’t want to give the titles away just yet because I am in this battle within myself to add certain songs to the EP or leave it for another time. But, expect to hear RnB, classic RnB sounds. Alternative RnB … RnB RnB RnB baby! I am anticipating for the EP to be released before the year ends. Fingers crossed.

No Time, my final single, will be released beginning of September. I am so excited for you to hear it all. Everyone has given me amazing feedback. Super excited to release this one!

🎧 Listen to Summertime fall on Apple music, Spotify or Deezer.

Your songs dive into topics we as girls know oh so well. Dating in London: Tinder-bound or offline flirts? Potential husbands or mainly fuckboys?

It’s mad because all my songs on the EP are influenced by other people’s experiences with love. One song, which I will not mention, is about me and a relationship ;).

Me personally, I’m living the Me, Myself and I by Beyoncé life’- without any heartbreak haha. It’s been a minute since I’ve dated, I’m not gonna lie. I think I’ve just been focusing on me. Do you like that diplomatic answer? Haha.

If your project couldn’t be an R&B album, what music genre would you dive into?

House or garage. There are some songs on the EP that would marry well with the house/garage type of sound.

England is a treasury of so many talented artists. Who are you currently listening to?

The UK scene is doing amazing. Super proud to be I guess part of that movement (well, hopefully). I’m listening to a mixture of UK hip hop infused with afro beats. Grime too, I love me some Giggs, Ghetts and omg Lil Simz, she’s fire!!

I love me some UK RnB although quite minimal, there is a resurgence. I love me some Mahalia, her sound is sweet. RAY BLK too, she is doing bits.

What are you attracted to in a piece of music?

I love heartbreak songs haha, that makes me out to be sad. There is something about heartbreak songs that form a great storytelling session. It’s pretty relatable too.

If you could put together your ideal tour, through what cities would your journey lead you through and why?

A strategic question! I would love to do a European Tour and link up with great emerging artists across Europe. That would be super dope!!

Yo you are gassing me Megan haha.

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