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Blaq Tuxedo | Hip hop siblings that are determined to set the trend

When Soulection associate Esta turned 26 years old, he released his epic Self Help mix. A mix that was pretty much pure perfection, apart from the (still) missing track list. Which caused a chain reaction of “What’s this song?” comments. For a long time, I followed the track ID-hunt. Mainly because of a song at minute thirty-five.

Now, ten months later, I finally found THE SONG.

It’s called Patience and it’s a product of Sacramento brothers Blaq Tuxedo. Darius and Dominique Logan are LA’s most fashionable siblings. A quick Google search unravels that the duo wrote for Ty Dolla $ign, Ciara, Meek Mill and Chris Brown ever since moving to sunny Cali in 2009. Their Twitter highlights singalong videos of handsome folks vibing to Blaq Tuxedo’s contagious hip-hop while driving. A fan base that fits their high-class, luxury vision seamlessly.

Mid-2017, the upcoming artists dropped their album ABA (Art By Accident) — A fourteen-track collection of upbeat hip hop tracks and more slowed down R&B jams. And yes, it has that epic song Patience on it.

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