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Azekel | We came to have fun in this house tonight

Azekel Adesuyi, or short Azekel (Aye-zee-kee-el), has finally released his debut album Our Father—an addition to his previous three EP’s and those great Gorillaz and Massive Attack features. The Nigerian-British artist divided his new work of art into three chapters: Family, Mental Health, and Youth. The first part might sound familiar, as Don’t Wake The Babies, Black Is Beauty (Daughters), and Can We Have Fun all have been available for listening for a while.

Azekel’s album is a celebration of black culture, one that’s beautifully visualized in the accompanying videos. Azekel touches upon topics like the still-existing taboo around mental health amongst men of colour, self-reflecting, admitting mistakes, and relationships between fathers and sons. The poppy songs, that remind of artists such as Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak, and Miguel, are interspersed with snippets that feel like you’re right there in the living room with the chatters themselves. It’s an album that upon first play feels like a smooth ride, something you’d play on a night at home with friends. Yet one can’t be fooled by the feel-good beats and Azekel’s warm voice, as it’s lyrics tell a message that can be relevant for many of us.

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