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Aywy | An ode to Nipsey Hussle

Sydney-based producer, instrumentalist and Flow-Fi collective co-founder aywy has always been one of my favorites. Ever since I heard opiate and voyeur 4 years ago I’ve been excited about each new track he added to his SoundCloud treasure chest. The “flow fi” songs he’s been continuously releasing perfectly balance heavy basslines with warm, soulful tones and samples. The build-ups are on point and the blends buttery smooth.

His latest project is a compilation honoring the late-lamented inspiration-to-many Nipsey Hussle. Prolific: nipsey hussle flips contains 7 Nipsey flips that aywy still had in the vault. Needless to say, the remixes are a pleasure for the ear. Moreover, it’s another sign that the Nipsey the rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and community activist had an unquestionable influence and that his goodwill forever lives on.

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