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Meet Ayeté | On Travis Scott, having a lit lifestyle and being independent

Artist name: Ayeté
Based in: Waldorf, Maryland
Genre: Rap
Influences: Travis Scott, Myself
Must-hear songs: Team

You have an upcoming EP titled “LIT”, what is the story behind this project? Does the upcoming video for “Team” play into this EP?

Well the story behind it pretty much shows the ups and downs behind partying and drugs and just living a lit lifestyle. In my head I constantly fantasize about living this lit, carefree lifestyle but I know there’s consequences to it. I just wanted to show people what I see in my head through music. The team video somewhat plays into it because the video is lit af, so I guess you could say it shows the upside to being lit.

You’ve attended art college before your music studies. Why did you switch majors to music? What was the influence behind this decision?

Well pretty much art got really boring, I just got tired of it. I would always be in my dorm room just listening to music wondering why the hell am I in art school when I could be lit af making music. Plus, there was no money in the art field. Well, at least for what I wanted to do in the fine arts field. There were many influences to be honest. Before I left for school, my friend Elijah The Prophet introduced me to the FL Studio where he would make beats. I thought it was pretty cool, so eventually he got me into rapping though I still didn’t take it seriously. Once I realized I didn’t want to do fine art anymore, I needed a plan B, which was music. So I went with that and it stuck.

As far as your art work is concerned, will it ever take part in future projects including cover art?

I dont think it ever will. Honestly, all of my art pieces were in black and white because I made art pieces with mainly charcoal and graphite. I like my cover art to stand out with crazy colors and effects. My pieces dont really fit to what I look for in cover art, but who knows, it may change later down the road.

You know how to engineer, write and manage your music. What advice would you give other artists aspiring to have that same independence?

Don’t ever quit even when it starts to get stressful. All the hard work you put into it will eventually pay off, trust me. I started from 5-10 plays a song. When I would upload one now, I get thousands of people that interact with my content. It’s definitely possible to be really independent and go from nothing to something.

You edit your videos, produce and engineer your music, attend college and also manage to work. How do you make time for all of these events?

Time management is key. Pretty much I just make a schedule. It’s not the most organized schedule but I make it work.

You mentioned XXL Freshman Travis Scott as one of your musical influences. What would your ideal Freshman Class look like?

Travis made XXL in 2013 fam he’s not a freshman. But honestly I really don’t know I mean of course Travis and myself, but I listen to a lot of artists. I mean if your music is good, I feel you should make it to XXL.

You are a very young (19) and independent artist. Where do you hope to be in life and music in 5 years?

Fam, in five years I’m trying to be lit af secluded somewhere with 3 big booty bit**es. But in all seriousness, I hope to be really successful with my music career. I have a lot of people telling me I have the potential but at the same time I have people that don’t believe in me. I just want to prove then wrong.


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