Ayelle | The soul-stirring sensual R&B goddess

He used to see stars in my eyes
I wonder what he sees now
I used to eat his words like fruit
And I always had an appetite

Two starving souls in the limelight
Of the scene that we set ourselves
And we played it all out

That boy don’t love me no more
So I’ve had to love myself
Somehow, but I’m doing okay

Anyone going through that dragged-out, cyclonic process of getting over someone that used to mean a lot, will undoubtedly get chills listening to these words by Ayelle. Her latest track Boy carried me away from those first angelic Banks-like notes, resurfacing heartache emotions from three months ago that I thought I had until control.

Somehow, I’m doing okay.

The creator of this sweet Sunday morning lullaby is a Swedish-Iranian singer affiliated with the masterminds behind Majestic Casual. Boy carries a message that’s so iconic for finding happiness in this unromantic twenty-something generation. One that shows that fulfillment isn’t dependent on a relationship. That self-love is ultimately one love you can truly count on. That – as much as society lets us believe we will only be whole once we found true love – life can be equally nurturing without a significant other to share precious moments with.

Admittedly, the journey to being genuinely okay with just being you is a rocky one. You’ll fail, grow, cry ugly tears, have all the doubts, hate guys, feel disempowered, but at the end of the day, it’ll all be worth it. Plus, a posse of awesome, supportive cheerleaders helps A LOT #girlpower.

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