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ASTN | The fresh face of alternative R&B

So, picture this; you’re nineteen years old and about to release your very first single. For most of us, it’ll be mediocre at best. Maybe your producer friend works his magic twiddling with the knobs so the track doesn’t completely sound like you pressed record and started singing in the intimate environment that is called your college dorm.

… and then there’s that rare artist breed that creates straight fire from day one.

Introducing Austin Sanders, or as the singer/producer calls himself: ASTN. This Panama City kid is the future. His most recent single Love No More is everything you want from an R&B breakup song. Slow, beautiful vocals, poetic lyrics, a guitar solo and a beat that makes you feel fuzzy inside.

And then right after, ASTN switches it up with Afford U, featuring rapper and aspiring fashion designer Jpaulished. A song with a hook so catchy that you’re singing along instantly. ASTN brings fresh lyrics and well-produced songs (which, he does himself too). Needless to say, I’m hyped to follow the moves of this promising talent.

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