Sign this kid Aristoteles Mendes

Aristoteles Mendes | The Dutch-based Angolan rockstar to watch

I have a love-hate relationship with Tinder. We’ve had quite the journey. I met guys whom I now count as genuine friends, muscled football and basketball players, talented artists, and many British guys that were in town for the weekend (because come on, who says no to that accent).

And then I’ve also had my fair share of epic fails and painful ghosting experiences. Which is why I decided to stop using Tinder for dating and change my profile into a Sign this Kid commercial.

Best move ever.

Today I received a recommendation for Dutch-based artist Aristoteles Mendes, who originally hails from Angola. The English-speaking rockstar has moved from Johannesburg to a small city close to my birth town, Tilburg, at the age of fourteen and has recently been making waves in the Dutch hip hop scene. He released his EP “Novelty” one year ago; a seven-track song collection with personal perspectives of world observations, inspired by teenage-heroes Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Pharrell (source: Mrs. Mokum). A blast for your ears!

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