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ARA – The promising poetic pop newcomer

“In the name of Mary, madres, magic, and miracles.” That’s how newcomer ARA introduced her debut EP HAIL MARY — one that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, along with pastel-colored artwork, a private IG and a limited collection of poetic Tweets.

Complete in early H.E.R. style, the unknown singer’s SoundCloud bio reads “One day ARA woke up in a human body. Overjoyed, she began to sing. These are her songs.” And that’s pretty much all there’s to be found on the web about ARA, for now.

Her EP contains three songs; Here I Am, Fruit, and End Game. The first is a slow guitar-accompanied track that underlines the beauty of ARA’s voice in all its glory. On Twitter, ARA states she wrote it for “girls who ask questions, cause problems, cast spells, and heal hearts.”

The second track, Fruit, is another dreamy track with food for thought lyrics, just like End Game, a song about taking a break to work through thoughts and situations.

What do you think of ARA’s debut EP?

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