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Alryz | The artsy beatmaker you want to hear in the bedroom and on the beach

Earlier I brought you a bit of Dutch flavor writing about beatmaker Giorgio Oehlers, today I present you another artist close to my roots. He goes by the name Allrise, Alryz or /ôl rīz/, is based in the capital of Indonesia and creates exactly my type of jams; 90s R&B on smooth beats.

There’s an excellent Bryson Tiller flip, a must-hear PARTYNEXTDOOR rework and an All My remix that made me remember how great Mariah Carey was pre old, rich lovers and barely singing carpool karaokes. Then, when your ears desire more upbeat tracks after all the sugar-sweet R&B tracks, you just need to scroll a little further. Start with Lit For Ur Luv, a song that sounds like a futuristic morning in Church, then continue with a Kaytranada flip that’s even funkier than the original and finish with major sun-beach-cocktail cravings after listening to hip activating tracks like La Salsa, El Paloma and Solitário.

Alryz’ SoundCloud is a melting pot of vacation vibes, trap mixes and funky beats that feature the vocals of Rihanna, Drake and Chris Brown. And for those who could listen to these type of tunes all day long, Alryz has an additional account named Alryz Mixtape, featuring lengthy mixes that will keep you satisfied for hours. Lastly, check out his Instagram too, you’ll be inspired by the creative artwork and unique photo collages the Jakarta-based artist creates.

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