Sign this kid Alia Zin

Alia Zin | The wicked emcee that spreads important messages

Major shoutout to Sab2real for hitting me up on Instagram saying I need to hear Los Angeles-based rapper Alia Zin.

Discovering Alia Zin made my day.

By now you should know my enthusiasm for the highly anticipated Orlando songstress Clentreace, but Alia Zin is right up there on my list of admirable, strong female artists.

Young emcee Alia Zin went from struggling to get by, working at Subway to writing music daily and carving her way to the top. She teamed up with independent record label PaKK Music Group, the production team of Ab-Soul, to create her thirteen-track project “Wiccan”. A collection of songs on racial profiling, poverty, witchcraft, and smoking. Alia Zin transmits important messages through clever lyrics, spreading the word on topics that are sadly still so relevant and vital to speak out on (such as track eleven “Sorrows of Sandra”).

The vibe? All thirteen tracks could be labeled #chillhop and track five “Whip”, featuring fellow LA-rapper Tre Capital, wouldn’t misfit on Big Sean’s latest album.

Alia Zin’s “Wiccan” album isn’t meant to be blasted through the speakers of a club, as heard in the monologue on track three (“Here she goes again with all that conscious shit, ain’t nobody try to hear all of that […] Can’t nobody shake they ass to that shit”).

It would, however, be a much better message than bouncing to rappers talking about Hennessy and harems.

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