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Alfa Mist | Unapologetic jazz with hip hop influences

There’s something about jazz I can’t quite explain. The gentle drum ruffles, the continuous presence of the hi-hat, the short chords on the piano and the elevating sounds of the horns. My heart breathes heavily while simultaneously a sense of calmness takes over. My eyes slowly close. My head starts moving uncontrollably from left to right, up and down, unable to keep still.

That’s how I listened to the Alfa Mist’s EP Antiphon.

Alfa Mist is a grime and hip-hop producer that started making music at the age of fifteen, taught himself to play piano and is influenced by jazz, film music and J Dilla. For his latest project, he dived into the jazz scene. Antiphon (“A short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle”) is a beautiful eight piece collection of capturing melodies that are made for daydreaming. An ‘Unapologetic’ listen, as Mist describes it, created out of conversations about mental health and relationships. The EP includes one feature, Breathe, that’s written entirely by British vocalist Kaya Thomas-Dyke, who’s also responsible for the cover art – a painting open for the listeners own interpretation.

Antiphon is a harmonious, melancholic jazz EP that I would listen to at home, with my notebook open and a glass of full-bodied red wine besides me. Or on an early Sunday morning, still wrapped up in soft bed sheets while the first rays of the sun cast through the balcony doors. How would you?

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