Sign this Kid Alan The Artist

Meet Alan The Artist | The Virginia hip hop artist with an eye for beauty

Artist name: Alan The Artist
Based in: Chesapeake, Virginia
Genre: Hip hop & Alternative
Influences: 2000’s Pharrell Williams, Quasimoto
Must-hear songs: Blue Lites (prod. Kirb Minder)

Tell me about the day you started making music. What did you create and what made you decide to start?

One time I was grounded when I was younger in high school. All I had was this little sony mp3 player, I would sneak on my stepmoms laptop and download songs and started really getting into it then. I’d download songs and instrumentals. I started writing. Then I started making my own beats because everybody else making music in my area was getting on instrumentals someone else made.

$.88 Orangeade is your brand new record that’s available on iTunes. What does this project mean to you?

It’s my first for sale album, it means I’ll see if I have an album worth selling.

How did the songs come together? Which song took the longest to create, and which one was the easiest to record?

Most of the songs are about how I felt at that exact time. I would say that Hidden Track, Vol. 1 on the album took the longest to record, and Life We Live was the easiest song for me.

What message do you hope your audience will take away from your music?

Don’t believe everything somebody tells you and if nobody wants to gives you a chance at it, make them.

How did you meet D.Rob, D.Lee, Airline Kidd and Wave? How is it working with them?

I met D.Rob when I bought some clothes from him, Lee is a friend I met through some other friends, and I grew up with Airline Kidd & Wave. We’re all like brothers so it can be difficult at times to work with one another. But we like the end result in most cases so we make it happen.

How is the music scene in Virginia?

It’s growing, D.R.A.M., Sunny & Gabe and Young Crazy all bring different sounds to the scene and thats what Virginia is all about I guess. A big melting pot of shit. The Virginia music scene is in a good position.

Next to music, you also shoot amazing portraits. What was the most memorable photo shoot you’ve done so far?

I’d rather not even say. Domii, Shana, And Jasmyne are the only consistent muses I work with and I would consider them a big part of my photo team.

Alan The Artist in two years. What are goals/dreams that you will have fulfilled?

Find the love of my life, be heard by millions and give my family jobs.

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