Sign this Kid Al Maralen

Al Maralen | Terrible dating material, great songs

“I just wanna be loved”, Al Maralen raps on the eponymous song produced by IAMKRT. If he keeps rapping like this, Maralen will be loved by many.

Al Maralen hails from Maryland and is currently part of the UMD class of 2019. The Ghanaian student slash rapper has a stash of great gems on his SoundCloud. Like the Yondo-produced track Resident, where Maralan teams up with AM to rap on an Alicia Keys sampled beat. Or his latest funky joint Moments, featuring Abby T. and Diallo Matthews. As well as club banger Everything is Everything with 24/7 beat-maker Jay 808 and that one-year-old collaboration with another STK favourite Innanet James.

Quite the stash, as I said.

And then there’s Sad Face, a radio-ready track with a message so disappointing for female listeners but well, so damn catchy. “Sorry I can’t make it out to date night. Sad face emoji, sad face emoji”. I rap along. Wholeheartedly. EV-ER-Y time I play it.

Al Maralen has the swag, the effortless flow and the professional production that could make him rise to the top easily. The questions is just, when?

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