Sign this kid AkinG Kalld Pedro

AkinG Kalld Pedro | Music that sounds like a sultry night out in Brazil

I feel like Sango is single-handedly responsible for bringing a taste of Brazil into American rap. Though as with everything in music, there was probably someone else doing this way before Sango brought out those epic Da Rocinha beat tapes.

Regardless of whoever the real OG is that made this culture melt happen, I am forever thankful.

AkinG Kalld Pedro joined the Afro-Brazil wave and released his brilliant EP “Afro-Brazil: Viva Sua Paixão” about nine months ago. It’s a little old, but so so gold. On Viva Sua Paixão rap meets Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk Carioca, MPB, Axé, and Forro all at the same time. It’s uplifting, vibrant, and full of colorful and laid back songs. It’s an EP that makes you want to grab a glass of sangria with some cachaça and sip it slow (as AkinG suggests in “Her Gingada Took The Lead”).

It’s also the kind of EP that makes me want to put on a bold-patterned, airy dress and get lost in sensual hip movements on a sultry summer night. With on the background, a band of old chubby, dark-haired mustache guys playing up sweeping rhythms.

AkinG Kalld Pedro’s EP takes you on an unexpected, exotic journey. And it’s a damn good one.

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