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A.Forte | A celebration of the young, black and gifted

Can we talk about Michael Bennett’s open letter? About the mind-boggling fact that events like these are still happening. On how it appears that even after Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and Tamir Rice, some American police officers still treat human beings with cruel, animal-like violence (heck, murder). On how a person of color in America in fucking 2017 still needs to tip-toe around and will be treated wrong even though he or she might do EVERYTHING right.

I’m not black, but I’m mad, too. Mad for the fact that in this day and age there are people, lots of them, who form their opinions solely based on ethnicity. That some of us are still too narrow-minded to see past appearance and judge someone based on how they make you feel and the goodness of their heart instead. Our bodies, the color of our skin, is what we’re born with. We can’t change this, so why are we still judged by it? Our appearance is not us. We are our values, our beliefs, our kindness, our actions. We are many other things, but not the skin color we’re born with.

Luckily, though we are far from living in a functional society, there is also a lot to be joyful for. Like artist Alex Forte explains in his EP description; “A 4-song E.P about the realities of being young, black and gifted in America”.

I expected his Blue Stream EP to sound rough or angry, but instead, I heard sunny beats and laid-back lyrics. Yes, A.Forte talks about his struggle, not sleeping, not having his voice heard and his lack of money, but he also raps about taking care of his family, feeling himself, creating dynasties, chilling at the beach, and taking trips to Honolulu. On his track B.I.C. (Black is Cool), A.Forte sums up all the amazing qualities of him being black, like being able to set trends, rap, play ball, and getting praised like MJ.

A.Forte’s EP is a celebration to remind the young, black and gifted that even though life is tough, there’s a lot to be grateful for too.

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