Solomonilla | The Maryland emcee that’s ready to steal the spotlight

If people would ask me what my current favorite mood music-wise is, I’d probably answer with stoner rap. Which might, or might not be an actual genre. Though after finding out my most-listened to Spotify genre is something called “Escape Room”, anything can be a genre these days.

Stoner rap it is. I’ve been playing Clentreace’s “Smoke + Mirrors” on repeat and as of today, I’m adding Solomonilla’s “Smoke To Dis pt 20” playlist to that (see the similarities?). Solomonilla is one of these artists that makes you doubt the music industry a little. His top notch produced mixtape “99 overall” with catchy bars and electronic, trappy vibes of Tek.Lun, WhereIsAlex and kojo a. is hiding on SoundCloud, even though I’m convinced people would nod their heads heavy when these tunes would be played on air. The Maryland emcee, who currently resides in sunny LA, is definitely ready when that long-awaited breakthrough finally presents itself.

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