Category: STK Weekly

MeganJuly 25, 2017

STK Weekly | Too much sauce 🔥

Hold up, hold up … 1. Put your speakers on full-blast 2. Move the couch to make room for potential ...

MeganJuly 4, 2017

STK Weekly | Your 4th of July BBQ and chill playlist

To all my American followers: I hope your BBQ is sizzling hot, the sun is shining and you’re sipping on ...

MeganJune 27, 2017

STK Weekly | The BET Awards SoundCloud edition

The BET Awards this year were quite the spectacle. Remy Ma took over Nicki’s long-held throne, Beyoncé collected quite some ...

MeganMay 29, 2017

STK Weekly | The picnic and prosecco edition

I spent this last weekend lying in parks and visiting lakes, desperately trying to find a breeze of fresh air ...

MeganMay 23, 2017

STK Weekly | The spoken word edition

This week’s playlist is a little different. It’s filled with spoken word, poetry, and stories that personally touched my soul. ...

MeganMay 15, 2017

STK Weekly with Jhazz, Mike Regal, RKZ and Dylan Echo

Sunny summer temperatures have finally arrived out here in Berlin, so naturally I had to pack this playlist with feel-good, ...

MeganMay 8, 2017

STK Weekly with Clentreace, luups, J/O/E and David Dallas

Start the week with a laid-back mix packed with old school hip-hop, soulful tunes, vacation vibes, and a hint of ...