Category: Soul

MeganJuly 19, 2017

Young Bull | Durham R&B trio that is onto something else

Imagine a John Legend voice with a raw edge. Soulful piano melodies. A background choir that’s perfectly in harmony. Catchy ...

MeganJune 14, 2017

Ruby Francis | Your smooth R&B night time therapist

The nice thing about SoundCloud is that when you follow the right people, music discovery becomes so so easy. UK ...

MeganJune 8, 2017

October London | The most versitale artist you will ever hear

October London shows that sometimes I need to make an exception on this blog. Yes, the kid is signed and ...

MeganMay 3, 2017

Laura Misch | A playground full of soulful, jazzy saxophone tunes

I love artists that have such a refined sound that you know already before hitting play their music will cause ...

MeganApril 12, 2017

Kyle Thornton & The Company | Soulful rap with a whole lotta horns

Kyle Thornton & The Company is the equivalent of major good vibes. Sunshine appeared on this grainy day when I ...

MeganApril 10, 2017

Shay Lia | Bringing Kaytranada songs to the next level

The name Shay Lia might not ring a bell immediately, but fans of producer Kaytranada definitely have heard her angelic ...

MeganApril 5, 2017

Allysha Joy | Jazzy vibes and a raw, weathered voice

If I would have a record label, Allysha Joy would be, hands down, the first artist I would sign. The ...

MeganApril 3, 2017

Tank And The Bangas | Contagious happiness meets hip hop poetry

Tank And The Bangas, a New Orleans band that is so diverse and spectacular that there are hardly enough words ...