Category: Pop

MeganAugust 18, 2017

Mavi Phoenix | The ultra cool singer that brings pop to a new level

Tinder is winning again. Music-wise, that is. I’ve probably had more success finding out about new music than hunting down ...

MeganJune 14, 2017

Ruby Francis | Your smooth R&B night time therapist

The nice thing about SoundCloud is that when you follow the right people, music discovery becomes so so easy. UK ...

MeganMay 18, 2017

Cesar | There’s a new Bieber in town, but better…

I’m going to start this post with a BIG THANK YOU for all the overwhelming support I’ve received, precious connections ...

MeganMay 11, 2017

Southpaw | An eclectic daydream about tender love

Remember that feeling when you’re newly crushing on someone, went through all the “obligatory” outdoor activity dates, and finally spend ...